Tradecraft is knowledge gained by experience.  Although frequently linked to espionage, the larger context is one of experience, tips, tricks, and attitude within a recognized trade or endeavor.  Most office environments push paper but some do it better than others and therein lies the profit margin.  Tighten your procedures to control the results and to gain efficiencies; establish best practices then maintain them.

Old school practicality meets new school ingenuity.

Sample Project:  Attain and maintain network performance goals.

Housecleaning: Get rid of phantom users, ghost accounts, dead printers, outdated inventories, and data clutter.  Identify available resources.

Documentation: Get it in writing – which machine does what? Who can use it? How does that happen? Satisfy Business Continuation and Disaster Recovery planning requirements. This is perfect preparation for transitions, upgrades and conversions.

Short-term assistance with over-due “infrastructure” improvements such as inventory and procedure documentation can energize the company’s use of the network, providing your technical support staff with a new view of the tools available to help others get their work done.

Concentrate on ADMINISTRATION of computing assets.   Establish methodical task-based controls of processing power, storage and retention, user and data access.  Maintain logs and review them, chart storage usage and phone flow averages to keep your eye on the fundamentals.  It’s easy to forget that even “virtual” environments are performing on a machine somewhere.  Strengthen the foundation if you are planning to grow.


In addition to services for business, I am available for individual skills-building to strengthen your performance.  Consider it an investment in your repertoire.  Contact:

WEB MASTER TRAINING Introduce basic site design in Word Press including pages and posts with media links

BUSINESS NETWORK TUTORING Introduce System Administrator view of interlocking routers, firewalls, switches, servers, appliances, workstations, printer/scanners

BUSINESS NETWORK ADMINISTRATION Create a System Admin Log containing inventory, setup and deployment detail, end-user support

INDIVIDUAL HOME TUTORING Investigate and document your computer setup to stabilize Windows operating system for your application programs

INDIVIDUAL OFFICE TUTORING Explore the professional options in Microsoft Office software including Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint

INDIVIDUAL NETWORK TUTORING Understand home networks, both cable-based and wireless including signal extenders

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