Data Definition: Pick a number between 1 and 1000

 Computer Sorting – CRM Data Definition Example

Computers are very good at finding significant data in a large pool of information based on established alpha-numeric-symbol patterns. CRM field design establishes the purpose and content of EVERY field based on how it can be used to qualify/disqualify information from analysis. Careful field design yields quick and reliable data classification by exploiting basic computing decision points. Yes-No. Greater than-Less than. Contains-Excludes. On-off.

Kathleen_Kettner_IT_Manager_Data_Sort               Precise information is KEY.

Optional exercise

As an example, let’s play a game: You pick a number between 1 and 1000. I bet I can identify that number in ten guesses or less. For this example, let’s use the number 272.

Rules: You must answer the Guesses yes/no, and you must admit if your number is one of the guess-boundaries.

Guess1: Is the number above 500? Answer1 = No.
Eliminate upper 500 numbers. Now guess between 1 and 499.

Guess2: Is the number above 250? Answer2 = Yes.
Eliminate lower 250 numbers, now guess between 251 and 499.

Guess3: Is the number above 375? Answer3 = No.
Eliminate upper 125 numbers, now guess between 251 and 374.

Guess4: Is the number above 312? Answer4 = No.
Eliminate upper 62 numbers, now guess between 251 and 311.

Guess5: Is the number above 280? Answer5=No.
Eliminate upper 31 numbers, now guess between 251 and 279.

Guess6: Is the number above 265? Answer6=Yes.
Eliminate lower 15 numbers, now guess between 266 and 279.

Guess7: Is the number above 272? The number is 272.

This is a math game for kids learning to add, subtract and divide numbers (find median in range) but it also shows the logic of a search that quickly eliminates unqualified data.

[This is also a nerd drinking game with emphasis on computational speed.]

We could use a similar data-elimination approach to sort CRM Referral Information. Think of it as three tiers of data, each tier limiting the options of the next tier: Referral Type, Referral Source, Referral Contact.




Arnold, Barr & Conner
Bubble Bank
Center City Accounting
Jane Cook, Esq.

REFERRAL TIER3: Within SOURCE Bubble Bank, pick a CONTACT

Barry Bonds
Colletta Cash
Edward Ignatius
Mac Daniels

REFERRAL = COI – Bubble Bank – Colletta Cash

Once you select the TYPE, using this example, you have substantially narrowed the search to only COI entities; once you pinpoint the COI SOURCE, you’ve eliminated hundreds and hundreds of contacts who aren’t associated with that COI SOURCE. We could have a thousand contacts and you’ve drilled down to a handful in two questions.

This also allows us to “scoop” information as needed. We get the big picture of overall referral flow with TYPE (all COI), we clarify the focus with SOURCE (specific COI) then we pinpoint the CONTACT detail identifying the person who made the referral.

Experience and Background

  Extensive experience with current skill set implementing technology in legal and financial enterprises by providing network administration, workstation configuration, application support, documentation, and training.   Upgrade-conversion specialty.   Seeking opportunities in computer deployment and operations using Office 365 with Exchange, Avaya IP Office VOIP phones and Salesforce.                                                                                                                                  


Name Withheld (wealth management)
February 2009 – August 2014

IT Manager for thirty-five user Windows network providing server and workstation administration, Office 365 Plan1 and E3 subscription management for multi-domain Exchange services with compliance vaulting; CRM administration including conversion to; data file management, archive, backup and replication; virtual private networking for remote access. Avaya VOIP telecomm.

Name Withheld (family office)
March 2001 – July 2008

MIS Administrator for twenty-five users on Windows 2003 five-server network with XP workstations serving private wealth management company and stock-trading hedge funds. Reorganize then rebuild all services to achieve operating standards including server administration, workstation configuration and end–user support, inventory control, license and support tracking, and on-going action notes. Maintained sterling “uptime” record. Testing Vista/Office 2007 options.

Establish network security, stabilize remote access, articulate data security-retention policies; enable virtual private networking with SSL VPN, and Outlook Web Access. Sole tech resource for principal, exec, accounting and admin users. Exchange and BlackBerry Servers. Symantec AntiVirus and Mail Security. Bloomberg Professional with quad-panel displays. Email and Instant Message archival for SEC compliance. SQL application server-side support. DNS and web-site management. Avaya Definity G3si phone system. Lenel/Entrance Controls automated suite security.

Hiatus Year: 2000

Name Withheld (law offices)
January 1992–August 1999

Network Systems Coordinator for Seattle domain LAN Man/Windows NT network administration for 30+ users including workstation roll-outs. Compaq servers and workstations; HP printers and scanners. Backup/archive server data. Dial-up Internet.

Design and deliver technical training services for 160+ users in two sites. Produce in-print and on-line procedural documentation for users and technical staff. Support then assist in the redesign of advanced SQL-based document management system including template creation and fill-in form customization.

Establish Tacoma office Technical Services department staffing, standards, work flow and advanced techniques; technical interviewing and recruitment of supervisor. Train and monitor Help Desk staff.

Independent Solution Provider

Design and deliver automation proposals, computerization plans, knowledge transfer and user manuals. Procedure analysis to deploy office automation for legal firms and similar businesses. Technical interviewing.

Reliable and repeatable procedures

The key to organizational success is to establish reliable and repeatable procedures that cover the tasks required, including the one-off variations.

HOW TO procedures are specific stepped-out actions to complete a stated purpose.

The purpose should be distinct.  Do not have a multi-purpose purpose.  Don’t create one complicated procedure called Handling Accounts but focus on three procedures:  Open Account, Change Account, Close Account.