Definitely no “a” in definite.

sample post

This is set up for demo purposes related to Web Design by You and coincidentally demonstrates how you can link a post to a page or another post.

Persistent misspelling of a popular word like ‘definately’ is bad enough when handwritten but in any communication that involves a spell-check option then this a double-hit for bad spelling and poor technique.

They’re using their words, so there.

sample post

Animations are as easy as a click on the Add Media button.


Google/Bing for “free .gif animation” and check out the images:





The paperclip “link” button allows you to identify a website address and include comment-text for the user:

Homonyms are hard.  There, they’re, their, plus there’s and theirs.  Spell check won’t catch it but grammer check will.  Use Your Tools!

You may also link to content within your own blog.

The techniques are simple, the possibilities are endless.