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I am a battle-tested systems administrator having earned my skills as an office automation consultant in small law firms, and in traditional on-premise positions maintaining network services for 15-45 users at financial companies.  On-site in Bellevue, Washington, or virtually anywhere.

Project management and documentation result in matching resources, tasks and staffing to get work done. On the inventory side, establish hardware, software, user and resource tracking. Update your Written Information Security Policy then adjust procedures accordingly.  Energize your workforce by delivering task-based skills building much appreciated by the people who actually use your technology.

Are you in charge of a small enterprise’s project to reorganize your tech world to match evolving needs?  I exploit current technology on hand, empowering underused features to simplify existing procedures for principal, admin, tech and staff users, while we assess then establish reliable repeatable processes for the future. I can also provide technical interviewing for a permanent administrator then transfer the updated system to them.

I am accustomed to regulated legal and financial environments with an emphasis on data access tracking and auditing which sets the “best practice” standard for all services.

If you use Exchange messaging and calendars through Office 365, or would like to start doing so, I am an experienced administrator of those services including multi-domain control, user and resource provisioning, group management, retention, journaling, disclaimers and archiving.

If you use Salesforce, or would like to move in that direction, I have just participated in a site conversion and can streamline your planning and deployment. With a sprawling resource like Salesforce, attention to detail in setting workable goals with solid action plans leads to success.  Allow me to stabilize the setup while your front-line users invest their energies in getting work done a new way.  Based on their experience we can smooth out the inevitable wrinkles.  Your in-house CRM administrator will take over from there.

If you are using Avaya IP Office or need a recommendation for a solution that incorporates voice services with Office 365 and Salesforce, I can put those pieces together with you.

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