Look through these Windows! It’s Memory Lane…

What a straightforward reminder that things change… The History of Windows Versions.  Start with teeny pockets of memory manipulating literal bits of data, and yet that basic input-output system led to SnapChat promising to wipe data from recipient’s memory and 4chan proving they can’t (Tweet that!).  There is plenty of history before and beyond Windows but Microsoft built the bridge to the individual users and by doing so changed the world.  It isn’t a miracle because somebody was going to do it.. like “inventing” the gramophone or flying the first plane.  Microsoft delivered home computing which we then shaped to share stupid ass selfies.


The rough tools of introductory Windows

Slate offers us this perspective.

Go ahead and bash Microsoft’s operating system all you want (ironically using its technology to do so), but first note that Windows works and has worked for a long long time.  You likely are interacting with some form of a PC-based computer service right now.  We accelerated from ASCII-based Notepad files to our monstrously tangled GIF-ilicious .wild.wicked.web in thirty quick years.

Can I get an OLE?

There is a coherency in the long-haul on Windows that is familiar to those of us who spent our careers adapting to its evolution which was driven in part by our own consumer lobbying for features and functions.  This isn’t ancient history, lots of us pre-PC tech-vets are still here; we have a grasp on the “new” technology that comes from a generational-iterational complexity you cannot duplicate unless you proceed sequentially through it.

Conversely, experience can be a burden of sorts and that point goes to the newbies who think they just invented everything.

Tech units who too closely mirror each other’s training and experience fall prey to group think.  Recognize the value of an “iterational” mix, blend old school practicality with new school ingenuity.  Don’t let the echo of a dominant position drown out the sharp insights from other perspectives.  Your development team should be able to both mirror and cloak your consumers to get a resilient product.

* Debate:  Every war is different, but all wars are the same.

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