Welcome to this blog-in-support of the belief that Office software and Exchange email offer a great mix of technical opportunity for small and mid-sized businesses.  As a service, Office 365 provides the functional framework to support your team’s tailored, structured tasks to employ messaging, scheduling and contacts consistently.

Combining that power with the discipline of documentation using WordPress themes and features as a blog builder provides the most adaptable web-page and post presentation options within a simple structure.

I’d guide you to self-sustained blogging of your company’s newly sharpened procedures, policies and all the rest, because complex systems require documentation.  Period

Comments or questions, contact:  KathleenKettner@gmail.com

My extensive background in Windows networking has shown me the power of organization:  inventories, procedural documentation, logs, action plans, and data access control.  Formalizing the existing structure improves current performance and prepares for easier upgrades and conversions.

I’m also reaching out to individuals who want to strengthen their own technological backbone to prepare for career challenges ahead.  Too many times we stick to old habits and voodoo procedures rather than tackle the underlying weakness of our familiar techniques.

If you want a free tip for improving your performance using Office software and many others, get used to pressing F1 and using HELP… even for stuff you think you know.  That key is specifically intended to show off the fancy function designed into your version of the product.  You also learn the product’s lingo; for instance, Excel “transposes” columns to rows or rows to columns.

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